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Galvin & Fils,Inc.
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"Drop shipping worldwide"

Thank you for visiting our wholesale web site at Galvin and Fils.  Our company has long manufactured blocks for our retail arm at Barclay Blocks and for distribution by manufacturer's representatives and distributors to the school trade.  Now, we have added an entirely new line of block kits intended for the internet E-tailer and for the retail store selling high quality toys, apparel, games, gifts or other items for children.

   These block kits are available at wholesale only and are not available from Barclay Blocks.  If you have arrived at this site seeking a supplier of American made, old fashioned hard maple blocks you've come to the right place.  Experienced retailers know that this toy has a long history and a loyal following prepared to pay a premium price for the genuine article.  By capitalizing on a drop-shipping model, we are able to provide you with a wide range of product to populate your web site, without requiring an extensive investment, shipping headaches, or unsold stock.  You sell the blocks; we'll do the rest.  If you are a retailer of children's toys, click the home button below to see how to become one of our customers. 


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